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Gesture by Rawson Developers employees to benefit needy people in the Southern Suburbs and also Mozambique

A wonderful Ramadaan charity outreach was organised by a property sales executive for Rawson Developers

At one of the large property development sites, a team workshop was facilitated by Gadija Dilgee of the Rawson Developers sales team to assist senior building staff in unwinding with stressful construction deadlines looming and tiring extra hours being called for.

“Because it was the season of Ramadaan, company management seized the spirit of the holy occasion to reinforce the principles of making peace with one another, tolerance, patience, sharing and giving as part of the team building. The team identified that no matter their circumstances, there are always those less fortunate than themselves” said Gadija.

The result was stunning. All the senior staff on site made voluntary contributions by way of cash donations, doubled by Rawson Developers company. The money thus collected, an amazing R 24 000, was handed out to three charitable causes run by Moslem people. They were:

1. Food parcels for indigent households supported by the Claremont Mosque
Photo: Gadija and Mosque Secretary, Aunty Shariefa, In the amount of R 6 000

2. A financial contribution for the provision of fresh water well to assist remote rural communities in Northern Mozambique, as administered by the Africa Muslim Agency (AMA)
Photo: Gadija and colleague from Rawson Developers, Mareldia with the secretary to the AMA, Nadia Hendricks.

3. The provision of cash ( R 6 000) to purchase enough fresh ingredients for 2 x 130-litre pots of cooked food via Nakhlistan Feeding Scheme, to feed the Muslim and non-Muslim needy people in the Western Cape – cooked at a mass venue in the Athlone area during Eid, where Iftaar will be taken.

Gadija is truly an example of someone walking the talk. She not only facilitated a reconciliation of viewpoints among working staff but also did something that is bringing relief to indigent people.
This makes her a valued member of our sales team and someone with great empathy towards clients.